The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

Eating the largest lobster will be yummy. It will make you so full. On average, a lobster is considered as large if the length is more than 10 inches and the weight is more than 10 kilogram. Lobster is a very important commodity in some countries since many people like to eat it as their favorite menu at home. What about you? Do you like eating lobster? What about the largest lobster? Many restaurants also serve the largest lobster as the main dishes. This animal can be found mainly on the northern coast of North America. If you want to know one of the largest producers of largest lobster in Unites States, I think you should visit the coastal area of Maine. There are many lobster found here.

The Largest Lobster Ever Caught The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

The fisherman will utilize special tools called as a lobster trap to catch the largest lobster from the ocean. The tool must be big and large. The largest lobster in the world will never find any way out if it has been trapped in it. There is a statue depicting the largest lobster. It is called as Shediac lobster located on New Brunswick. The statue has the height of 35 feet with the weight of 50 tons. It must be deadly big and large. If this largest lobster statue is not artificial, it will need several people to completely eat all of the meat of the lobster. Catching the average size lobster is something ordinary for the fisherman. Based on the record, it is stated that the largest lobster was caught in Nova Scotia, Canada in February 12th 1977.

Largest Lobster Ever Caught in Nova Scotia The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

Largest Lobster Ever Caught in Nova Scotia

The length of the largest lobster is measuring around 90 cm up to 120 cm. The weight of the largest lobster comes in the rate of 20.15 kilogram or 44.3 lbs. As comparison, the normal adult lobster is only weighting around 800 g up to 1.4 kg. This largest lobster is estimated to have lived for about a hundred years old. The fisherman who had caught the largest lobster was lucky enough. The lobster must be sold in expensive rate. Lobster is a unique water animal. This is included as invertebrate. For the protection, the body is framed with hard exoskeleton. This animal has to experience the molting process if it wants to grow. Some species of arthropods usually will change their color while in the molting process.

Largest Lobster Ever Caught The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

Largest Lobster Ever Caught

If you love to eat lobster I think you may need to scrutinize that this animal has 10 walking legs. I just wonder if this a lobster can run fast with those legs. The popularity of lobster as one of the high class menu has led some industries to grow this animal inside the aquaculture. However, such condition does not give any great result. The aquaculture operation is end up in failure. Why? The lobsters living in such place are known to conduct cannibalism. They eat each other. However, some researches related to the lobster production still continue. Perhaps, the scientists want to develop the lobster with the same size of the largest lobster ever caught.

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