Largest car: SSC Ultimate Aero

The Largest Cars Ever Made in the World

Riding the largest car enables you to take your big family to sit comfortably in it. There are some largest cars in the world that you can find functional to meet the need. In this post I will show you the four largest cars ever made in the world. Each of them is made by different reliable brands that you can see in the auto market. Let’s check the list below.

1.SSC Ultimate Aero

The first position of the largest car is taken by SSC Ultimate Aero. In the past, this car is well known with the nick name of Shelby Supercars. This largest car has broken the record of the fastest car in the world on 9th October 2007. The top of speed of this largest car can reach the level of 412.29 km per hour or 256.19 miles per hour. The record of the fastest car now is taken by 2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The new variant of SSC Ultimate Aero is called Aero TT can produce amazing top speed at 430 km per hour or 270 mph. The downside of this SSC Ultimate Aero lies of the safety kits. This largest car is not equipped with traction control or even ABS braking system. The founder of this Aero and the Shelby Supercars company is Jerod Shelby. This man had nothing to do with Carroll Shelby. The basic version of this car stopped production. However, the newest version of this largest car can be seen sold in the rate of $650,000.

Largest car SSC Ultimate Aero The Largest Cars Ever Made in the World

Largest car: SSC Ultimate Aero

2.Chrysler Imperial

Chrysler Imperial is the second largest car that you can ride this present day even though it looks traditional. You can enjoy the classic and elegant feeling when driving this largest car under the house with friends. This largest car was sold in the dealership from 1955 up to 1983. It was introduced by the car makers to the world market in 1926. In the past, this car was considered as one of the luxurious vehicles in the market. The modification also occurred to make it valuable to compete with other luxurious class segment brands like Cadillac and Lincoln.

Largest car Chrysler Imperial The Largest Cars Ever Made in the World

Largest car: Chrysler Imperial

3.Mercury Colony Park

Mercury Colony Park is one of the top line cars from Mercury. It was produced from 1957 up to 1991. This car was designed in full station wagon. That’s why the buyers with get ample for room inside this car. The model of this largest car has received several modifications. The manufacturer also produced the non wagon edition of this largest car to serve the other segment of buyers. The chassis and basic body of this car is enticing to view even though its look classy in this day.

Largest car Mercury Colony Park The Largest Cars Ever Made in the World

Largest car: Mercury Colony Park

4.The Mercedes-Benz 770

The Mercedes-Benz 770 is the fourth largest car. Some people recognize it with the nick name of Großer Mercedes. The production of this luxurious and elegance vehicles was between 1930 up to 1943. In the past this car was used by the government states and officials. Some important people in Germany like Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring loved to ride this car on the road.

Largest car Mercedes Benz 770 The Largest Cars Ever Made in the World

Largest car: Mercedes Benz 770

Have you seen the largest car ever made?

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