Blue Whale, the Largest Whale in the world

Under the deep blue ocean in this world, we can find many beautiful underwater species and one of them must be blue-gray baleen whales or blue whales from the family Balaenopteridae. It is the largest whale in the world and some called it “sulfur-bottom” because of the yellowish algae that sticks on the back.

amnh blue whale 2663 Blue Whale, the Largest Whale in the world


A Blue whale is sometime found assembles with other blue whales and alone. Their habitat is in the entire oceans of the world as long they can find crustaceans or krill. In summer, the blue whale spends most of their time in arctic waters and they move to Equator when winter is coming to breed the new whale.

paus biru iwc Blue Whale, the Largest Whale in the world

Blue Whale vs other whale

A blue whale is topped as the biggest animal or creature in the planet because when adult, the species can weight 150 tons and stretches 30 meters or 100 feet long. The largest blue whale had ever been found was reported in 1922. It was a female blue whale with length more than 33.58 meters or 110.14 feet.

04bluewhale gp Blue Whale, the Largest Whale in the world

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This giant aquatic creature is marked with its small dorsal fin located close to their tail, 25-30 meters long grooves from the throat to the chest, dark baleen or whalebone, and series of fringed plates on the upper side jaw that is used to shift plankton and the salt water. Last, Giant whale has no predator but human. The number lowers every decade and now it is classified as an endanger species by the Red Data Book. The best thing to keep them alive is letting them alone. It is the wisest way to keep them as the largest whale in modern time.


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